SPiRALNY’s Tips for Marketing in The Real Estate Industry

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As a real estate agent, the growth of your business is largely reliant on how efficient your marketing methods are. Between building your client network and getting new listings, agents must stay up to date with the latest and most successful marketing techniques to stay relevant in the business. 

At SPiRALNY, we encourage our agents to consistently work on developing their current marketing skills and researching new avenues to market their business. Here are a few of SPiRALNY’s best tips for marketing in the New York City real estate industry. 

Build Your Online Presence

Just as many consumers search the internet to research products they are interested in, homeowners and potential buyers look for a real estate agent online. Chances are, a prospective client’s ability, or inability, to find you online is the determining factor in whether or not they will hire you as their agent.

There are a number of ways to build your online presence, such as developing a personal website or building a blog centered around topics that are relevant to potential clients. The trick to building an online presence that will produce positive results for your business is ensuring your online reputation is excellent and that you are easy to find.

Get Active on Social Media

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In today’s world, being active on social media is essentially a must for any business, and this is especially the case for real estate agents. Some clients may even search for an agent on Instagram or Facebook before Google. Similar to your general online presence, your social media platforms should reflect you positively and be easy to find. 

Make it a point to post on multiple social media platforms on a regular basis. It is also a good idea to allocate a part of your workday to engaging with potential clients and local businesses on social media. Typically, Facebook and Instagram are the most useful apps when it comes to marketing in real estate. However, taking the time to master other platforms, such as Twitter, Youtube, or Pinterest, will help you to reach a wider and more diverse set of potential clientele. 

Invest in Paid Advertisement

While investing in paid social media marketing is not necessary for a real estate agent to win clientele, it does certainly help. If you already have a substantial social media following and are looking to take your online presence to the next level, start by mastering paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Paid social media advertising does require some expertise and a decent budget. However, when done well, it has the power to transform your business by allowing you to find, target, and reach your specific audience with ease.  

Feature Awesome Photos and Videos of Your Listings

Most agents are active on social media these days, so it can be difficult figuring out ways to make yourself stand out. One way to do this is by taking awesome photos and videos of your listings to feature on your social media accounts or website. 

photos and videos of real estate listings

Start by investing in a high-quality camera or even learning how to film virtual tours of your listings. Videos of your listings are a great way to improve your social media content and are also a selling point for potential clients who don’t want to travel to see every listing. 

Collect Client Testimonials

In real estate, happy clients are your strongest advocates. More than anything else, clients want to know that you have the ability to serve their real estate needs honestly and efficiently and there is no one they are going to trust more than clients who have had this type of experience with you. 

When completing a successful transaction with a client, ask for a testimonial that can be featured on your website and/or social media accounts. 

Build Your Local Presence

New York City is a big city and it is pretty difficult to establish a strong presence across all five boroughs. Instead, work on focusing your market efforts to a local audience. A great way of doing this is by partnering with a local business or sponsoring a local event or sports team. Whether it is being featured on a restaurant’s paper placemat setting or a baseball team’s jersey, you’re bound to reach some new clientele or at least get your name out there. 

real estate agent partnering with local business


Becoming a master at marketing your business and staying up to date with the most efficient marketing techniques is essential for a real estate agent to be successful in New York City’s competitive industry. SPiRALNY is constantly looking for ways to help our agents improve their marketing skills and reach a larger set of potential clientele.

If you are looking for a brokerage to help you better market your business, reach out to us at SPiRALNY

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